Stepper Motor Vs. Dc Motor

What is the Difference Between Stepper Motor and DC Motor?

Are you struggling to find the right electric motor for your brand-new project? If you research various electric motors for different purposes, you’ll find that the traditional DC motors and modern stepper motors are almost identical to each other. However,

2022 Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

2022 Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

Please note that Prorich Motor will be temporarily closed during the Lunar New Year holiday from January 29, 2022 to February 7, 2022. Normal operations will resume on February 8, 2022. We apologize for any inconvenience that may occur. If

Featured Picture Change Direction

How to change the direction of a DC motor?

Suppose you’ve installed your DC motor. But upon starting the engine, you realize that the motor is rotating in the wrong direction. What a mess! The first question that arises in your mind is, “Can I change the rotation direction

Are DC Motors Waterproof?

The waterproof problem has always troubled and hindered the use of DC motors in the wet and diving environment. If there is a waterproof motor, it will significantly expand its application area to meet the needs of particular users and

Can DC Motors be Used as Generators?

Many of the machines we have today run on electricity. Using electricity is very convenient because you can get it from different sources. For example, water and wind produce electricity. It is amazing how a simple DC motor can generate

How To Reduce Motor Noise

The Definitive Guide to Reduce DC Motor Noise

Is your DC motor making funny sounds recently? Or does it feel like a vibrating guitar string? If so, you’re not alone.  DC motors and noise go hand in hand. But what if I tell you the motor noise and

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